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Sunday, August 14, 2005

I've been reading Mr.Icke for a few years now and this book, for me, is his second best book - the first, naturally, being '...And The Truth Shall Set You Free!'; but then again, 'The Biggest Secret' has got everything! It develops the political/economic/military arguments of '...And The Truth Shall Set You Free!' into a much broader conspirator's landscape, including such features as; an age-old plot to take over planet Earth and its people which is still running today; alien invaders living among us; rampant satanic ritual among the Global Elite hierarchy; free-range genetic experimentation on the human population; the real robots: mind-controlled humans; revelation after revelation about our hidden history - particularly Jesus; the real Diana death story; UFOs and the hollow earth; the roots and development of the Illuminanti/Freemasonary; plus extensive referencing and bibliography...There really is something for everyone in this book, and although I doubt many people will buy the idea in its entirety, David himself is the first to admit that that would not be the point - the point is to take a lot less for granted and open your eyes! He asks us to remember that we may or may not believe that we are part of a galactic hominid gene pool (as David does) with both friends and foes among our ET cousins, but don't let this kind of idea put you off the much more down-to-earth stuff like the questionable day-to-day behavior of people like Henry Kissenger! Lastly, I recommend anyone who is interested in David Icke's research to be patient and start with '...And The Truth Shall Set You Free!' before 'The Biggest Secret'.

Part1 Part2 Part3

Download All 3 Parts Then Extract Part1 To A Folder And The Other Parts Will Follow

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