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Saturday, October 29, 2005


The Sudoku Challenge, Over 10,000 different boards to play

The Sudoku Challenge - the latest puzzle craze sweeping the Globe! Play the
Japanese numbers game that's driving everyone mad. We guarantee that once
you've tried one Sudoku puzzle, you'll be hooked! The deceptively simple goal
of Sudoku is to fill in the missing numbers in a 9x9 grid. It is a puzzle game
of logic and reasoning, and doesn't require any calculating or special math
skills; all that is required is brains and concentration. The number puzzle
that has stormed its way into major newspapers, magazines, and websites across
the United States, the United Kingdom and the world, Sudoku is quickly
replacing the daily crossword as the game of choice. Now available on your
home computer, with thousands of games to play.

download rapidshare link

once downloaded rename the file from
.pus to .rar
then extract the folder and install

no special software is needed to rename
just right click the file and click rename
remove the last 3 letters and replace them with .rar

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